Seize The Trip

Seize The Trip is designed to help travelers stay informed:


Rather than a laundry list of sights and activities, we identify which things-to-do are "must see". The number of "must see" sights and activities varies per city, but our philosophy in choosing them is based on "what would I tell my friend they have to see in the city?"


It's incredibly difficult to find info on local activity operators. Travelers are forced to wait until they are in country to find and book an activity. We classify activities by type and developed a comparison tool so travelers can pick the best activity for their time/budget.


Members can create two types of itineraries: for cities they've lived and cities they've traveled. If a friend has been or lived in a city you are planning to visit, you can ask them to create an itinerary to use. As well, you can search friends itineraries for your next trip!


Our patented day-ranking system helps travelers prioritize what they are going to see in a city. Rather than the difficult to interpret star ranking, our day ranking system answers the question of: "If I only have a certain number of days, what day should I see this sight?"


On each city page, we have suggested itineraries for each day of a trip. The number of day itineraries for each city varies, but each city's day itineraries is listed in order of priority. Our hope is these itineraries are a helpful roadmap for planning your travels.


Since it's frustrating to have to remember all the cool sights and activities you want to do on your trip, we created "My Trips". Travelers can sketch a rough itinerary for their trip by organizing the sights and activities into specific days.